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Boaz Jaschek - Holistic Coaching




My name is Boaz Jaschek – I’m a father of 4 boys, married to Orit, living in Hod-Hasharon, Israel.


My professional background includes 25 years in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, as a software developer, R&D manager, system integrator, and product manager.


Although I have a loving family and overall wonderful life, I still suffered from years of dissatisfaction, questions regarding my destiny, stress, sleepless nights, anxiety and a general feeling of not being as happy as I should be  ;-)

יחסים ילדים שינוי מקצועי התפתחות קואצינג אימון אישי

Four years ago I embarked on a journey of personal growth and development with courses at Lia Arad Institute, culminating in my studying coaching.


I've beenworking as a personal development & growth coach over the last two years. My objective is to improve your life, reduce your suffering and raise your awareness both to yourself and your environment.


I also offer tailored coaching to help you improve your relationships with your spouse and kids and provide support for mid-life and professional crisis.


I use a large and varied set of tools learned during my studies at  Lia Arad Institute,  and in addition, bring my many years of experience practicing  Yoga , Mindfulness and Buddhism to enhance your coaching experience.

Please contact me for more explanations or a coaching series. My phone number, Facebook page (Hebrew) and email can be found below.

I'm committed to achieving significant development in a surprisingly short time, due to the effectiveness of the methods I use.

Hod - Hasharon, Israel

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